Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use GameLaw.ORG?

You can use the search edit box to enter a legal category such as Patent, or a company such as Magnavox.  In addition, feel free to browse the categories and list of documents along the edge of the article display.

Why are comments turned off on GameLaw.ORG?

GameLaw.ORG is primarily a reference and research site on legal issues affecting the game industry – and the game industry affecting legal issues.  We present analysis of court opinions, press releases, and case studies.  Many other websites offer opportunities for individuals to trade opinions that we didn’t want to distract from the educational experience of the material presented.

How do I contact GameLaw.ORG?

Please e-mail Editor@GameLaw.ORG if you are aware of any errors in our articles, any copyright has been violated, or you feel a question should be answered here in our FAQ.