Presenting data over network based on user choices & collecting choices (2012)

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A character having a plurality of attributes is created by a network user while within a character-enabled network site. Each attribute is defined by at least one of either audio data and/or visual image data and is selected by the user from a plurality of attributes presented to the user through a user interface. The combination of attributes defines a persona for the character. At least one of either an audio presentation and/or a visual image presentation is provided to the user interface. The presentations presented are selected from a plurality of presentations based on the character’s persona. Data related to character attributes are stored in a database. One or more of the presentations presented to the user may be interactive, in that it allows for the user to make choices. In response to a user’s interaction with the interactive presentation, additional audio presentation and/or a visual image presentation is provided to the user interface. Data indicative of user interaction with the interactive presentations is also stored in a database.

Interact in a Virtual Space (2007)

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The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of users interact in the three-dimensional, computer-generated graphical space where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of that user. The virtual world shows avatars representing the other users who are neighbors of the user viewing the virtual word. In order that the view can be updated to reflect the motion of the remote user’s avatars, motion, information is transmitted to a central server process which provides positions updates to client processes for neighbors of the user at that client process. The client process also uses an environment database to determine which background objects to render as well as to limit the movement of the user’s avatar.

Complaint Treehouse v. Turbine (2012)

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Treehouse Avatar Technologies, Inc.




Complaint and Demand for Trial by Jury


TV Game Chronology by Ralph Baer (2006)

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This data was extracted from Bill Harrison’s and Bill Rusch’s daily log books as well as from loose notes made by Ralph H. Baer during the course of the development of the various models of TV Games.