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In here you will find documents such as License Agreements between Nintendo of America and various companies most of which have filed bankruptcy, such as THQ.  COMING SOON: Documents relating to Nintendo v. Tengen – Atari’s efforts to protect their right to develop and distribute unauthorized Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges and avoid paying related royalty fees.

Progressive Shuffle Non Exclusive License Agreement (1999)

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WHEREAS, LICENSEE desires a license under certain patents owned or held by LICENSOR to develop, market, lease, license and/or operate certain live casino table card games; and

Webzen Mobius 3D Online Game License Agreement (2004)

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WHEREAS, WEBZEN has developed and currently markets certain commercial 3D online game under the name “MU”.


WHEREAS, MOBIUS is a corporation that engages in sales, distribution and online game operation of games; and


WHEREAS, WEBZEN wishes to license to MOBIUS and MOBIUS wishes to license from WEBZEN the online game “MU” in accordance with the terms any. conditions of this Agreement.


Gizmondo SCi IP License (2004)

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THIS Licence  AGREEMENT (the  "Agreement") is entered into as of this [], 2004 (the  "Effective  Date"),  by and  between  GIZMONDO  EUROPE  LTD. , its
principal  office  located  at:-  Gizmondo  Europe  Ltd, 1 Meadow  Gate  Avenue, Farnborough Business,  Farnborough, Hants, GU14 6FG ENGLAND ("Gizmondo") and SCi
Games Limited of 14 Ivory House,  Plantation  Wharf,  London,  SW11 3TN ("SCi"), with reference to the following facts:

Facebook Zynga Developer Addendum (2010)

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This Developer Addendum (this “Addendum“) is effective as of May 14, 2010 (the “Effective Date“) and is made between Facebook, Inc. (“we” or “us“) and Zynga Game Network Inc. (“you” or “your“). We and you are sometimes referred to in this Addendum individually as a “party” and collectively as the “parties“.

Williams GTI Atari IP License Agreement (1996)

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         WHEREAS, Williams Interactive Inc. ("WII"), a wholly-owned subsidiary
of WMS, has entered into an agreement with Warner Communications Inc. for the
acquisition of the stock of Atari Games Corporation ("AGC"); and

         WHEREAS, AGC is engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing and
selling coin-operated amusement games and software products for dedicated home
game systems and multipurpose home computers; and

         WHEREAS, GTIS is engaged in the business of publishing, manufacturing
and distributing entertainment software products; and

         WHEREAS, GTIS desires to acquire certain rights from WMS and AGC and
other subsidiaries of AGC with respect to Games, as such term is defined herein,
and WMS desires to grant and to cause AGC to grant such rights to GTIS;