About Randel Reiss


Randel Reiss acted as the key expert witness for Microsoft, Datel v. Microsoft (2011), Federal Court Case.  He wrote and presented to the court multiple testimonials and deposition from first-hand experience with online privacy, hacking and cheating, specifically how it affected Microsoft’s successful Xbox Live online service and Xbox 360 Video Game Console.

In 2004, Randel Reiss launched the first website dedicated to legal and business issues affecting the game industry: www.GameLaw.ORG and later he was commissioned as an expert witness consultant in Liquid Entertainment v. UBISoft (2005).

Randel Reiss has testified on the industry standard requirements of Beta quality software, and the typical product development cycle necessary in finalizing interactive entertainment software, for defendant in Eutechnyx v. Estate of The 3DO Company (2003).  He has documented, for the Federal Bankruptcy Court of San Francisco, California, the details of product submission by a developer for milestone approval by the publisher.

Randel Reiss has presented at multiple Game Developer Conferences, seminars such as “Developers and Investors: A Match Made in Heaven,” and “Surviving Crunch Time,” in which he discussed his extensive experiences finalizing over 72 interactive entertainment software products.

To reach Randel Reiss, please e-mail Editor@GameLaw.org.